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At Sunday Best we specialise in the provision of beautiful English and other traditional christening gowns, dresses, robes, outfits, baptism clothes, baby gown and occasion wear for your child on special days. We pride ourselves in our service and quality of our christening wear, gifts and accessories for boys and girls.

The company began in 1994, providing special occasion wear locally in Northampton. However, by 1998 we had chosen to focus on christening wear. With the launch of our first website in 1998, came an expansion of our market, particularly to the USA. Because our Managing Director married an American in 1981, we count ourselves bi-lingual between English and American! Having family on both sides of "the pond" we understand their exacting demands and expectations of service. Back in 1998, a search for christening wear on the Internet portrayed our site, along with about 400 other entries - a search today brings almost 44,000!!! Fortunately we have maintained our leading position over the years and plan to continue to do so, by maintaining our strong customer service, and quality range. We hope to expand the range, but only as and when we find products that maintain the same high standards. Meanwhile we have regular meetings with our two main suppliers, feeding back customer comments and joining in with the design process for new styles. Fortunately the two pre-eminent designers of christening wear in the world are graduates of our Northampton College and remain in the area, so we can maintain our close working relationship.

Below are a few pictures of our shop. It is not large, but it is special.

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In our Heirloom Christening Gowns website, you can see all of our current range using the links, and you can order online using our secure payment facility. If you have any special requirements we'll be pleased to help however we can, so please email us and we'll reply as soon as possible.

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